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Beautie Brownie Spotlight: Egypt "Ify" Ufele

Egypt "Ify" Ufele @bullychasers  www.facebook.com/ify.ufelewww.shopchubiiline.comTell our Beauté Brownies about yourself! What do you do and what inspired to do it?Hello I am Egypt Ify Ufele, a 10 year old inclusive fashion designer from Queens, NY. I live with my mom Dr. Reba Renee Perry-Ufele & senior sister Misperri Fashions Sade Perry. My designs are for children, straight & curvy woman and men....

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Beautie Brownie Spotlight: Emoshun

EmoshunBrooklyn, New York  @ms.emoshun @emoshun22www.emoshunbcampbell.com First off, tell our Beautie Brownies about yourself! My Name is Emoshun , my mother given me the name after the goddess Oshun but, added the "Emo" because of me being very expressive and in depth with myself, that some call it Emotions. I'm a Pisces , i'm in love with the color purple, I'm from Brooklyn New York , I love...

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Beautie Brownie Spotlight | Can’t Stay Put! Lo Miller

First off, tell our Beautie Brownies about yourself! What do you do and where did the inspiration come from to do it?I’m an Inspirational Explorer and the Founder of Can’t Stay Put, a lifestyle brand that was ignited by my adventures and experiences around the world. Can’t Stay Putis about not being complacent and letting life hold you back but about living fearlessly to create the life you want....

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Beautie Brownie Spotlight | Jeannie Ferguson

Profession: Product Manager/ Fit Model1. Not only are you a Beautie Brownie, but you are a plus sized model! Where did you get your start and what inspired your journey? 2. Do you experience any difficulty being a Beautie Brownie in the Plus Size modeling industry? Also, if you have any particular experiences, could you share them with us?Bedstuy, BrooklynI started modeling by accident. My sister...

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Beautie Brownie Spotlight | Sisi Nike

Beauté Brownie Spotlight | Sisi Nike 1. First off, tell our Beauté Brownies about yourself! What inspired you to become a makeup artist? I'm a makeup artist based in NJ and I got my start in makeup because people around me saw something in me that I hadn't seen in myself yet. I was always a lover of beauty, hair and fashion and often times took risks with my looks but never once thought to do...

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