Beautie Brownie Spotlight: Emoshun

Brooklyn, New York
instagram @ms.emoshun
facebook @emoshun22

First off, tell our Beautie Brownies about yourself! 

My Name is  Emoshun , my mother given me the name after the goddess Oshun but, added the "Emo" because of me being very expressive and in depth with myself, that some  call it Emotions. I'm a Pisces , i'm in love with the color purple, I'm from Brooklyn New York , I love sunflowers ,love to see people happy, positive energy, and anything creative so much so that I create a show for artist of all kinds called the creative minds show ( I am a singer at heart, what inspired me to be a singer is the feeling of touching someone through music, sometimes music is stories of people everyday lives , and I want to connect with people, I want to share my story , my gift.

Do you experience any difficulty being a Beautie Brownie in the music industry? Also, if you have any particular experiences as a curvy women in the industry (good or bad), could you share them with us? 

At times it can be a challenge being a Beautie brownie in the music industry because  you may have those who may underestimate you and your talent. Those who may or may not want to work with you because of the way I look and not your talent but, thus far my experiences has been positive lately because I been surrounding myself with positive people whom are willing to work just as hard as I am to get to where we need/like to be  and that accept me for me.

What  has motivated  you to keep going despite those difficulties? 
What motivates me is God , family, friends, and the fear of leaving this earth with a bunch of "I wish I did" instead of "I'm glad I did".

What benefits have you experienced from persevering as a Beautie Brownie, despite all the stereotypes and negativity that exists in society? 
The benefits I've experienced from persevering as a Beautie brownie despite being put in a category and negativity that exists in society is that I set smart goals to keep some sort of balance in my life that brought me to meet some successful people with great advice that is inspiring, and always try to think positive while doing positive no matter what,because life is only what you make it out to be, no one is in your shoes but you.

If you could sum it all up in one sentence, what advice would you give other Beautie Brownies who are aspiring to become an artist such as yourself? 

Be your own personal best while remaining humble, grateful,focused, & confident.

So what's next?

Releasing my EP mid 2016,Producing Shows, Performing, and indulging more in creativity!

Bonus Question:

Whats  are your top 3 favorite artist? 

Jennifer Hudson, Jill Scott, & Jazmine Sullivan !! The triple J's lol


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