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The Woman Behind Childish Gambino's "This Is America" Choreography

We have been so obsessed with Donald "Childish's Gambino" Glover's music video for his new single "This Is America" that he released this past Tuesday! Not only is this single an amazing track, but the hidden messages weaved into many of the scenes that focused on the current state of our country and the indifference of most towards crime, injustice and corruption really resonated with us. Not to...

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Ester Dean Shows Us How To Glow Up!

Ladies, have you peeped Ester Dean's glow up? She's always been one of our favorites, as one of the hottest choreographers, actresses and artists in the game. This girl can DANCE!Well it looks like she danced her way onto that glow up, looking as amazing as ever, as she promotes for "Pitch Perfect 3"! In one of her Instagram captions, she says "No Diet/Gym Life #pescatarian." Well alright now! You...

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Oh, Teyana!

We're just going to skip the part where we go into the whole dialogue about how obsessed we've been with Teyana Taylor over the last almost 10 years, and how we've been fans since her Sweet 16 episode aired on MTV, and how she's our best friend in our heads....oops.... we kind of did anyway. Oh well! If you follow Beautie Brownie though, you already know all of this.So it should be no surprise to...

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2016 Hip Hop Honors: All Hail The Queens!

We hope you all were able to witness all the greatness and beauty that was displayed last night during the 2016 Hip Hop Honors, presented by VH1. If not, we've got you covered! We haven't enjoyed an awards show this much in a very long time. We adored the fact that legends were honored now while they're still with us, not just because they have passed away! The production was entirely dedicated to...

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