Beautie Brownie Spotlight | Sisi Nike

Beauté Brownie Spotlight | Sisi Nike


1. First off, tell our Beauté Brownies about yourself! What inspired you to become a makeup artist? I'm a makeup artist based in NJ and I got my start in makeup because people around me saw something in me that I hadn't seen in myself yet. I was always a lover of beauty, hair and fashion and often times took risks with my looks but never once thought to do makeup for others until a relative asked me to do makeup for her wedding day. I was shocked, honored, excited and nervous all at the same time. But it challenged me to teach myself how to apply makeup on others and after I received instant gratification from how beautiful she felt, I was hooked.

2. Do you experience any difficulty or challenges being a Beauté Browniesin the Make up industry? Also, if you have any particular experiences, could you share them with us? It can be difficult getting the right shades for my dark skin girls. Not every cosmetic brand understands our undertones and gets it right. Trusted brands specializing in women of color like Iman Cosmetics, Black Opal and AJ Crimson have amazing options but I'd love to see that same range and diversity in the larger brands, especially those sold in large retail chains and drug stores.


3. What has motivated you to keep going? My mind has been restless every since I've picked up a brush. I think about all the opportunities and the vision is so clear for me in how I see my success in my career. Even in my darkest days when I'm stressed, doubtful and just completely clueless on what to do next, a voice says to me "but this was meant for you" and then I just keep going. I just keep the faith. It really just comes down to that. You must believe. You must claim it.

4. What benefits have you experienced from persevering as a Beauté Brownie ie, despite all the stereotypes and negativity that exists in society? Inspiring other brown girls is definitely a plus. So many people come up to me and say, "omg, I love your skin!" "you have such flawless skin" "you're skin is so glowy". What girl doesn't love a compliment, right?! I just look at my skin as skin. I want to take care of my body so later on in life, it can take care of me. But when a brown skin woman can see herself as more beautiful because of the example I set, that's an incredible feeling. We should love our skin no matter what the shade and certainly no matter what they say.


5. If you could sum it all up in one sentence, what advice would you give other Beauté Brownies who are aspiring to become a Make up artist such as yourself?
Perfect your craft by investing in your talent and learning because it's not a popularity contest on social media for who has the most likes or followers; at the end of the day, you can make a living off of doing what you love if you choose to invest. 6. What's in store for Sisi Nike? (If you have any events coming up or new makeup classes let us know, we will add to post.) Right now I'm taking requests for 2015 brides and one-on-one tutorial sessions. The second workshop is in the works and will certainly have more to offer for people who attend! I'm extremely excited for 2015!

Bonus Question:

What's the first song you listen to in the morning that gets you pumped up and ready to face the day? As of late, I've been listening to Nigerian artists because it always puts me in a good mood to let loose and relax. Wizkid "Ojuelegba" is my favorite song right now.

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