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Brownie Power: Dominating the Rio Olympics

We've been such proud viewers of the Rio Olympics. Beautie Brownies have been dominating the scene! So far, America’s black female athletes have won some two dozen of the 100-plus U.S. medal haul!In Rio, the two Simones — gymnast Simone Biles and swimmer Simone Manuel — both stood atop the podium on a night that made history, with Manuel becoming the first black woman to win an individual medal in...

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Gabby Douglas Covers August 2016 Issue of Teen Vouge

Have you guys seen Gabby Douglas on the cover of Teen Vouge for August 2016?! *SWOON*For one, we're hyped just based on the fact that she shares her first name with one of our founders (hair flip), and two, she's a Beautie Brownie breaking barriers in the Olympics!By 16, Gabby accomplished at her first Olympic Games what no American gymnast had ever done before: She won both the coveted individual...

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Brownie Power: Feeling 22! Beautie Brownie Serena Williams Wins Again!

Beauté Brownies are winning all Summer sixteen! Serena Williams does it again! Congrats to her on her 22nd grand slam! Serena lost out on the last two grand slams earlier this year, falling to Kerber at the Australian Open and Garbine Muguruzaat the French Open. Though she was defeated, what did she do? In the words of Aaliyah, she dusted herself off and tried again. Let's remember that Brownies,...

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Serena Williams is Sports Illustrated's 2015 Sportsperson of the Year #beautiebrownie

Serena, Serena, Serena!This Beautie Brownie has dominated the industry, she is a international icon.Serena deserves to be on top, it's so hard being a black woman period and to see her achieve her goals at such a high level is very inspiring to all women around the world but especially to us brown girls...Check out some of the behind the scenes below....

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