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Were we the only ones absolutely mesmerized by Pantene's new commercial for their new line "Gold Series"? It aired last night during Empire's mid-season premiere.The spot features black women with all different types of hair textures, skin complexions and ages, all stunning in their own right. Model Demi Grace and our favorite lil' Beauté Brownie Lyric, flaunt luscious locs and melanin for days.Th...

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ColourPop Apologizes for Insensitive Names for New Darker Skin Toned Contour Sticks

#MOOD:It's ridiculous that in 2016 we're even hearing of incidents like these. Apparently, ColourPop has released new Contour Sticks, which come in various skin tones. The issue is that while the lighter tones are named cute names like "Gummy Bear", "Venice" and "Castle", the darker toned sticks are named "Typo", "Yikes" and "Dume" (which according to the Urban Dictionary means “the act of being...

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Brownie Power: Shalom Nchom Inspires Burn Victims To Love Themselves!

Hi Beautie Brownies *waves frantically*!We're here with a dose of inspiration for you all. We came across the below video posted on Facebook by AOL Lifestyle about heroine Shalom Nchom, who was badly burned in a hot oil accident at her family's store in Nigeria when she was 9 years old.20-year old Shalom is a make artist who inspires us all through her dope beauty skills! Makeup helped her deal...

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Glossy Box: Tony Awards Edition

Oh boy, do we love surprises! Our friends at Glossy Box sent us a gift and we just wanted to share it with you! The theme is the Tony Awards! How dope! We totally love pretty packaging! What's in the box? LA Splash "Sugar Rush" Diamond Lipgloss Professional Sebastian Ultra Firm Finishing Spray Vichy Laborotories Thermal Spa Water Professional Sebastian Dark Oil Where is Pore? O2 Sparkling Blackhead Soap ...

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