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Mirabella's Skin Tint Crème

Mirabella's Skin Tint Crème has to be one of the best foundations we have ever tried. They are mineral-based, with a water-gel formula. And oil free! We could tell because of how light weight the crème is. It doesn't feel like your slapping pudding on your face, and once applied it doesn't feel caked on or heavy!We were surprised at the great coverage as well. With such a light feel, you would...

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10 Must Know Beauty Tips for Dark Skin Tones

Beauté Brownies !!!10 Must Know Beauty Tips for Dark Skin Tones! Dark circles? Uneven skin tone? Or just sick of the same old, antiquated makeup looks? These helpful tricks for dark skin tones will get you out of a makeup rut. Beauty vlogger Destiny Godleyjoined this week's Beauty Junkie episode to demonstrate how you can instantly enhance your complexion, the modern way to fill in your brows,...

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Merlot Skincare

Good Evening Beautie Brownies! We’re here to introduce you to one of the best skin care products we’ve tried in a very long time.Merlot Skin Care is a brand of natural grape seed-based face and body products. They are focused on healthy and gentle beauty and revealing your best self! Some of their most popular products make for a great daily skin care routine -- their Merlot Moisturizer, Grape...

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Truself Organics #LOVEYOURSELF

HAPPY MONDAY Beautie Brownies! While in Costa Rica, Liberia on vacation, we had the pleasure to review Truself Organics’ “Detoxifying Mask”. We felt this was a perfect opportunity to try out this product, because we wanted to look our best while on vacation! Well we just want to say, it is an awesome product. Here’s why: We've used clay masks before, so we thought we knew what to expect. What was...

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