Beauté Brownie is a lifestyle brand that that curates for brown girls who look just like us! 

We aim to inspire self-love, wage war on color-ism and push the movement of inclusion of women with darker skin tones in today’s media representation of beauty, entertainment, fashion, music and more.   


We are sisters from Brooklyn, NY that believe that the representation of beauty should not be limited. In today's many industries, it’s rare to see the vast color palette of women that really reflects the realities of the everyday woman, and even more so for women of color, specifically brown-skinned women. Being brown-skinned women ourselves, we saw the need for a brand that catered to our specific needs, specifically in the beauty world. Upon realizing that there wasn’t one, we created one ourselves! We also wanted a brand that would be a movement as well as a name that brown-skinned women could call themselves with a sense of pride. So, we came up with Beauté Brownie, meaning “beautiful brown woman”! 

Our products come in all shades and colors, thus breaking barriers and tearing down the constructs of society’s standard of beauty. Too many women with darker skin tones are still afraid to take risks or are too hesitant to let their beauty shine. Additionally, though many brands have become “inclusive”, considering the needs specific to brown women, there is still a lack of availability of products that cater to us. 

Beauté Brownie aims to fill that need, by curating those very products, along with featuring images of beautiful brown women. We go a step further by offering inspirational merchandise and lifestyle items that remind brown girls from all backgrounds and cultures to love their skin and embrace their authenticity and beauty.

Just a couple of brown girls dreamin'!