Truself Organics #LOVEYOURSELF


HAPPY MONDAY Beautie Brownies!

While in Costa Rica, Liberia on vacation, we had the pleasure to review Truself Organics’ “Detoxifying Mask”. We felt this was a perfect opportunity to try out this product, because we wanted to look our best while on vacation! Well we just want to say, it is an awesome product. Here’s why:
We've used clay masks before, so we thought we knew what to expect. What was different about this product was that it did not take much water to turn it into a paste for applying to the skin, so no mess! Also, it feels great on the skin as you apply it. It's so smooth and is easy to spread!
What about the results? Well, after rinsing off with warm water, the skin did feel a little sensitive, which is a great sign, because that means it did a great job at cleaning any dirt or toxins in the skin. This product left our skin feeling extremely soft and rejuvenated immediately! By the next morning, we could see the full results of this product. Our skin appeared to be brighter and healthier looking. We also noticed that blemishes seemed to not be as dark, and acne was reduced. Overall, this is a product we definitely recommend, Beautie Brownies! This product is a great way to keep your brown skin glowing and gorgeous! Below is a link for purchase on their website. Join the movement and #LOVEYOURSELF