Our NEW Little Mermaid: Disney Casts Halle Bailey as Ariel In Live-Action Adaptation of a Classic Film

*screaming internally*

"The Little Mermaid" is literally our all-time favorite Disney movie. We can sing the lyrics of all the songs without missing a single syllable, we've memorized all of the scene lines, but most of all, we cherish all of the joy it's brought to our childhoods. For years to come, we decided that we were mermaids and no one could tell us otherwise. In more recent times, we've watched other classic Disney films be brought to life on the big screen, but the one we most hoped to see re-made into a live-action film, was that of "The Little Mermaid". Today, not only did we learn that what we had been waiting for was finally happening, we also learned that the Mermaid we've adored for so long will look like...US. The joy and giddiness this news brought to our hearts transformed us into kids again. Not only will "The Little Mermaid" bare brown skin in Disney's newest adaptation of the classic film, but she will be brought to life by one of our favorite singers and actresses, Halle Bailey of the sultry and smooth R&B duo, Chloe & Halle. Halle has such a beautiful and whimsical voice and is so vibrant with youth and cheer that we have no doubt she will soar in her portrayal of our little Ariel. We are so proud of her and we absolutely cannot wait to sit front row to feel all of the beauty and magic of this classic film move our hearts us once more through the eyes of a brown girl who is just as wondrous as the Mermaid we all dreamed to be.