Oh, Teyana!

We're just going to skip the part where we go into the whole dialogue about how obsessed we've been with Teyana Taylor over the last almost 10 years, and how we've been fans since her Sweet 16 episode aired on MTV, and how she's our best friend in our heads....oops.... we kind of did anyway. Oh well! If you follow Beautie Brownie though, you already know all of this.

So it should be no surprise to you how crazy we were going in the living room during this years VMA's when Kanye West premiered his music video for "Fade". All we saw was Teyana Taylor's name run across the screen and I'm pretty sure we passed out.
We watched on as Teyana hit us again and again with her sexy powerful dance moves, (that we are already used to of course). We were so here for the whole 80's vibe and wet hair get up. And her body? Well she's BEEN body goals, so again, this is nothing new to us. Every time she posts a new bathing suit pic, we immediately pack for the gym. However, we were more focused on the talent that was blaring through the TV screen. So effortless, so powerful, full of purpose and energy. So classy and sexy, two things that are hard to master at the same time these days. So though her body looked amazing as it always does, for us, her talent outweighed all.
Then, just when we thought it was over, here comes the shower scene featuring fiance and NBA super star, Iman Shumpert *passes out again*. All that glistening melanin together at one time? I mean were they trying to kill us?
Though no one knows the inner workings of anyone's relationship, we have always loved these two as a couple, as they personify black love. And little June Bug, a result of their love is just the most adorable little person we have ever seen.  

Speaking of Junie, she made an appearance in the video also! The end scene of the video was an epic one. Teyana slayed in her super realistic cat face and tail with boo thang Iman and little June Bug, standing tall in a room full of sheep. Again, more melanin than we could handle.
We are so happy for the beautiful Teyana Taylor, because this is the exact moment she needed for her career. A moment for the WORLD to see her as the star that her fans have always known her to be. After this, we know she is going to be booked to capacity honey! Her life is about to change for the better and we will be rooting for her as always!