Mirabella's Skin Tint Crème

Mirabella's Skin Tint Crème has to be one of the best foundations we have ever tried. They are mineral-based, with a water-gel formula. And oil free! We could tell because of how light weight the crème is. It doesn't feel like your slapping pudding on your face, and once applied it doesn't feel caked on or heavy!

We were surprised at the great coverage as well. With such a light feel, you would expect it to not cover much. Well every blemish and discoloration was indeed covered, giving our faces an even and luminescent look!

Our favorite aspect of this foundation, is that it comes in so many different shades of brown. This line carries the darkest shade of brown we've ever seen (VI C), and we are so proud to see that. It's so hard for us Beautie Brownies to find the right shade of foundation, but Mirabella makes it easy!

Find your shade using their online tool below, and definitely purchase this amazing full coverage foundation!

NYFW MAKEUP: Mirabella Beauty at CuteCircuit
Models’ faces looking flawless with Mirabella’s signature Skin Tint Crème | CuteCircuit runway show at Lincoln Center for Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week.