Brownie Power: The Colored Girl Project

We've been seeing this absolutely gorgeous photo floating around on the web and we fell in love. 
We did a little research and found out that these photos are part of "The Colored Girl Project", a campaign that celebrates the distinctive beauty and shades of Black women. Founder and Co-founder, Tori Elizabeth and Victory Jones (pictured below, left to right), brought their vision to fruition by seeking out women from different cultural and social backgrounds via social media, who could represent each shade of brown.

"I started the 'The Colored Girl' Project because I wanted to show the different aspects of beauty as it pertains to Black women...It's so important to be proud of who we are and showcase the beauty of Blackness."
- Tori Elizabeth, Founder of The Colored Girl Project

"Being A Black woman is like walking Grace—there's a beauty and a power in living in this skin."
-Victory Jones, Co-founder of The Colored Girl Project
Christina Abiola & Christina Bright (left to right)
Hilda Akua & Kalah Christina (left to right)
Leineal Howard & Malyia McNaughton (left to right)
Monica Mateo & Yada d. Lamb (left to right)

Thank you, Tori and Victory, this is what the world needs to see so desperately!