Big Ups to CoverGirl: New Foundation Alert!

See what happens when the Beauté Brownies come together and speak on what we need?
We recently came across the new film presented by CoverGirl, advertising their new "TruBlend Matte Made" Liquid Foundation and we most definitely slow clapped after watching. THIS is what we mean by inclusion of ALL women in the world of makeup.

What we loved most, however, was the positive message behind the product. The ad seems to serve as a thank you letter to all of the women who spoke up about their unique needs during CoverGirls “I Am What I Make Up” campaign, which focused on the the power of makeup to express individuality. It begins with, “For everyone who told us what they needed in foundation.” Clearly, our voices roared during this campaign. In comparison to far too many other beauty brands, we were not overlooked in the imagery of this ad and in the range of shades represented in this new line of liquid foundation.

Check out the film below!
Will you be getting your hands on this new foundation?