Beauté Brownie Kids: Flexin' In My Complexion

Now this is what we like to see! A young woman taking a negative life experience and turning it into a positive movement.
10 year old Kheris Rogers was bullied for her dark complexion, so she started a fashion brand to inspire others to love the skin they're in. It broke our hearts when she re-told the story of how her and her classmates were assigned to draw themselves and her teacher handed her black crayon instead of a brown one. She then switched to a more diverse school but the bullying didn't stop because she was then bullied by her other classmates. The sadness she felt from being bullied by classmates of her own race inspired her to create a fashion line that helped other girls & boys love and appreciate their skin tone and diversity. Watch the flick below to learn more about Kheris, her journey and her goals!