Story Time

We are sisters from Brooklyn, NY that believe that the representation of beauty should not be limited. In today's many industries, it’s rare to see the vast color palette of women that really reflects the realities of the everyday woman, and even more so for women of color, specifically brown-skinned women. Being brown-skinned women ourselves, we saw the need for a brand that catered to our specific needs, specifically in the beauty world. Upon realizing that there wasn’t one, we created one ourselves! We also wanted a brand that would be a movement as well as a name that brown-skinned women could call themselves with a sense of pride. So, we came up with Beauté Brownie, meaning “beautiful brown woman”! 
Beauté Brownie encourages women with darker skin tones to love the skin they're in and not to conform to beauty standards that constantly leave us out of the equation. Women would stop us in public all the time and say things like: “That lipstick color looks gorgeous on you, but I could never pull that off, my skin is too dark. You’re brave.” Comments like that inspired us to come up with a makeup collection that empowers women with darker skin tones to be bold, take risks and break barriers with their makeup! Our  products are specifically designed to look beautiful on brown skin, and we really hope that these little treats will help Beauté Brownies from all over the globe embrace themselves and to try new things with their makeup,  despite the fact that society says we shouldn’t! 
However, we later realized that there was an underlying issue that was so much bigger than the lack of inclusivity in the makeup world; the issue really lies in how the brown-skinned women of today are made to feel about themselves. We are disappointed about how we are portrayed in society; as less attractive and not beautiful enough to be visually represented in the many types of major industries. We have personally seen how this unfair reality has effected both young girls and women and even ourselves in day to day life and in our sense of self-worth. Therefore, we decided to not only provide makeup catered specifically to Beauté Brownies, but to supply them with fun, inspirational and positive information that effects all areas of life, in the worlds of healthcare, entertainment, fashion, music and more, while also shining the spotlight on how beautiful and amazing we are, Brown Beauty at its Best! 
With that being said, here we are today, a brand made for the brown woman by the brown woman!