About Us

At Beauté Brownie, we champion the beauty of every shade in the brown spectrum, creating a space where self-love flourishes. Our mission extends beyond cosmetics; we're on a journey to redefine beauty standards, ensuring that women with darker skin tones are prominently represented across media, fashion, music, and beyond.

Rooted in the heart of Brooklyn, Beauté Brownie was born from the vision of two sisters who refused to accept limitations on beauty. As brown-skinned women ourselves, we recognized the gap in the industry and seized the opportunity to create a brand that speaks directly to our needs. Beauté Brownie is not just a cosmetic line; it's a movement, a name we wear with pride as a celebration of beautiful brown women.

While some brands have taken strides towards inclusivity, let's be clear – this is just the beginning. From the outset, we've acknowledged the distinct needs of brown-skinned women, actively curating products that not only meet but exceed our specific requirements. But make no mistake, there's a wealth of untapped potential for the industry to do more, and at Beauté Brownie, we're driving that change with unwavering confidence. There's a journey ahead, and we're not settling until every shade is celebrated, every need met, and inclusivity becomes the industry norm, not the exception.

Beauté Brownie invites you to dream beautifully, always. In a world that sometimes overlooks the richness of our hues, we empower brown girls from all walks of life to embrace their authenticity and bask in their unique beauty. Our mission is not just about makeup; it's about inspiring a movement of self-love and confidence.

Let Beauté Brownie be your ally and a reminder that your beauty deserves to shine brightly.