Zendaya Coleman Acknowledges The Issue of Colorism

Finally, a celebrity publicly address the issue of colorism! By finally, we mean addressing it in it's completeness, acknowledging that it exists, and that it comes from someone who hasn't really experienced the short end of the stick when it comes to this topic. While it's no secret that the entertainment industry tends to favor lighter-skinned women for gigs, celebrities tread lightly when it comes to acknowledging the issue openly. We're a little late on this one (JUST opened our June Cosmopolitan subscription for June), but we had to share this. Nonetheless, thank you, Zendaya! In her June Cosmopolitan interview, she addresses this very sensitive topic:

The first step to solving a problem is acknowledging that it is there, and she's done just that. If more individuals with huge platforms like hers follow her example, and join in making a change, we might actually have a chance to fix this! Huge claps in Zendaya's direction for being REAL!

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