You've Gotta Be Joking! - Sudanese Model Was Asked If She'd Accept $10,000 To Bleach Her Skin

by Gabrielle Marie

I mean, at what point and in what year will the hate and intolerance of diversity stop? I'm typing as fast as a pissed off wife texting her man about forgetting their wedding anniversary! Here at Beauté Brownie, we make it our aim that 90% of our articles are uplifting and inspiring, and not to give any extra spotlight to the sad and ignorant realities of today's world. However, there are some stories that we have to address. 

Nyakim Gatwetch is an absolutely gorgeous Sudanese model that was asked a disturbing question by her Uber driver as she hopped in for a ride. Check out her experience below:

There is no way I would have been able to continue that Uber ride after a question like that, and the read of a review this man would have received would have been EPIC. Uber would have been paying for my rides for the next year by time I was done!

You know, I applaud Nyakim for taking such a negative experience and instead of allowing it to discourage her, she used it as rocket fuel to continue to succeed in her career and achieve her dreams. Kudos to you, love!

I just really don't understand why there are people out there that think that it is okay to blatantly project their colorist views on others and not think of the consequences and the effect what they say can have on others. This is just one sad story that we know about, but imagine how many women with darker skin tones have to hear comments like these everyday. How many young girls are being bullied right now for the skin that they were born with.

At this point, there is nothing that we can do to stop adults who have already adopted this intolerant way of thinking. However, as adults who do know better, we can strive to raise our children in way that encourages them to love and respect people of all skin tones, nationalities and cultures. If we really come together and make an effort to take control and positively mold future generations, hearing stories of this nature will fade overtime. 

I ask you all, what are the first steps that we can take now to stop colorism?

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