OGX Beauty Bamboo Fiber-Full Shampoo, Conditioner & Thickening Fiber Cream

Is it just us or do these hot summer days we've been having make you want to shower 17 times a day (assuming you shower daily to begin with)? There's nothing worse than feeling hot and sticky. Pair that with flat oily hair? #CRANKY

Well we're here to tell you all about the perfect shampoo, conditioner and cream to take with you in the shower to help you ditch your hot irritable mood!

OGX Beauty sent us a box of goodies that included the Bamboo Fiber-Full Shampoo, Conditioner & Thickening Fiber Cream, and we love them all! This line is made with with bamboo fibers and soy proteins which will help to give the appearance of plump-looking, lustrous locks. For one thing, all 3 products smell absolutely amazing. As usual, we started off with the shampoo. We noticed that it didn't feel harsh or make our hair hard and tangle up. We actually thought we mistakenly used the conditioner first. Yes, that's how gentle the shampoo is! It was also just super refreshing. Our scalp immediately felt so clean but also nourished. Next, we applied the conditioner. We thought the shampoo was gentle, well boy the conditioner was even more so! It felt like butter going on (yes, butter, don't fight it) and it made our hair super duper soft and easy to manipulate. It felt as if the conditioner quenched a thirst our hair desperately needed! Even once rinsed out, our hair remained soft and supple. The cherry on top is the thickening fiber cream. We applied throughout wet hair then blow dried and our hair looked so thick and luscious and healthy!

We give this product a perfect 10 for its gentle and nourishing feel and we highly recommend it Beautie Brownies! Now go by it and get yourselves squeaky clean!

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