Merlot Skincare

Good Evening Beautie Brownies! We’re here to introduce you to one of the best skin care products we’ve tried in a very long time.

Merlot Skin Care is a brand of natural grape seed-based face and body products. They are focused on healthy and gentle beauty and revealing your best self! Some of their most popular products make for a great daily skin care routine -- their Merlot Moisturizer, Grape Seed Cleanser, and Hydrating Toner. We had the honor of trying the toner and the moisturizer and we have to say, it was an AMAZING experience.
First, after cleansing our faces, we applied the toner. We could literally feel our pores closing! Our skin almost instantly felt and looked radiant, moisturized healthier. And unlike a lot of other toners we’ve tried before, it didn’t burn! The toner gave us almost immediate results!
We then followed up with the moisturizer. It really made our skin feel silky smooth. We liked that it wasn’t sticky or heavy; it was comfortably light weight but dense enough to give the moisture our skin needed! It also smells amazing! The best thing was that the moisture lasted all day, we didn’t need to re-apply once!  Check out fresh faced Beautie Brownie Co-Founder, Jarette!

All in all, we give this skin care product a 10 out of 10, we definitely recommend it! Stay tuned for a giveaway coming soon! In the mean time, please sign up to their newsletter for exclusive offers and updates!

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