"Deep Dark" Where? | Darkest Shade of Kim Kardashian West's "KKW Creme Beauty Contour Kit" Disappoints

by Gabrielle Marie

Good Morning Beauté Brownies,

As dark skinned woman myself, it's always been a struggle to find the right foundation, much less, a contour kit that is truly dark enough to actually work with my skin tone. Honestly, I've really just given up and stayed away from the whole contour craze. I admire it on everyone else though for sure!

Yesterday during Jarette's usual Youtuber stalking session, she came across Nyma Tang's review of Kim Kardashian's "KKW Creme Beauty Contour Kit" in Deep Dark, and sent it to me. All I want to say is... Deep Dark where? Take a look at the video below and you'll see what I mean:
Do you see how the color meant to contour literally just blended into her skin? The highlight was also way to light. It makes no sense to call a contour kit "deep dark" that isn't even true to it's name. I am a fan of Kim's, and I've always admired her work ethic and fashion sense, but this is totally unacceptable.The blatant choice of cosmetic lines to leave out women with darker skin tones is really disheartening. As Nyma mentioned, it could make you feel that there is something wrong with your skin. It took years for me to feel confident with my skin, so I know first hand how it feels to be left out, ashamed and discouraged when shopping for beauty products. Huge cosmetic companies like KKW Beauty and others really need to do better to cater to ALL skin tones, not just those that are lighter. There is absolutely no excuse for the lack thereof, being that these companies have the vast resources to be inclusive. What are your thoughts?

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