Brownie Power: Shalom Nchom Inspires Burn Victims To Love Themselves!

Hi Beautie Brownies *waves frantically*!

We're here with a dose of inspiration for you all. We came across the below video posted on Facebook by AOL Lifestyle about heroine Shalom Nchom, who was badly burned in a hot oil accident at her family's store in Nigeria when she was 9 years old.
20-year old Shalom is a make artist who inspires us all through her dope beauty skills! Makeup helped her deal with the bullying she faced is school, but still, she says that "you should love yourself either way - makeup or no makeup". Eventually, her own classmates started to ask to have her do their makeup, and later, she went on to create a YouTube channel to help inspire other burn victims follow their dreams, despite their condition. Check out the full video below!

Rock on Shalom! XOXOXOXOXO!

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