Beautie Brownie: Tionna Smalls lands show on MTV! "Dr. Smalls is in the building!"

Beautie Brownie Tionna Smalls has landed herself a show on MTV. According to the The Hollywood Reporter
The cable network has given a 20-episode order to a new summer relationship series featuring author/romance expert Tionna Smalls, The Hollywood Reporter has learned exclusively. The half-hour series, which has a hidden-camera element, will run as a Monday to Thursday strip for five weeks.

Girl, Get Your Mind Right!, premiering at 6 p.m. May 20, focuses on the relationship expert, who has made it her mission to help young women get over the respective dating

issues that may be holding them back from thriving in successful relationships. In each episode, Smalls will assess their particular problem and confront it head on, whether it's the men in their lives or their own personal hang-ups. Congrats girl!

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