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  Beautie Brownie Spotlight


Tro-Jah Irby-Morgan

Where You're From: Brick City Baby! (Newark, NJ) *smile*

Profession: Plus Positive Extraordinaire

Not only are you a Beautie Brownie, but you are an Author and CEO & Founder of an inspirational movement called "Elite Plus, Inc."! Where did you get your start and what inspired your journey?

My journey began in the plus industry five years ago. I found myself being pulled in different directions when other fuller figured women would invite me to be apart of their movements or groups within the plus industry. However I found out quickly that all who profess to have a "passion for plus" were not true to the game. Many were only interested in exploiting my curvy body for their own "BBW Modeling" groups and others were just not genuine at the time. I also found that being a professional plus model was out of the question for my size 24 figure as most main stream shows and gigs were looking for solid sizes 12, 14 or 16. I've always been a leader and at that time I couldn't find a platform that was just for me so with the help of my husband and his bright ideas I decided to create one.
What exactly is the mission of Elite Plus, Inc.?10364134_327630037384028_4940807741788065430_n
Elite Plus Inc.'s mission is to provide a sisterhood full of resources for plus size women and overweight teen girls who struggle with discovering and rediscovering their gifts and self worth to ultimately build confidence. We educate and celebrate our curvy figures through hosting and attending events focusing on true beauty from the inside out.
Tell us about your book "My Fat is not a Flaw"! What inspired you to write this book and how will it help educate women about the term "FAT" that's so loosely thrown around?
"My FAT is NOT a Flaw" is a book that addresses the use and misuse of the term "FAT". With my unabashed stories and jargon-free style I challenge the reader to educate themselves on the history of the term "FAT" and how society's perception of the fuller figured woman has changed throughout the years. I also share my own personal stories of how I was able to gain confidence in my curves while employing the reader to do the same. I needed an outlet to say exactly what I wanted to say HOW I wanted to say it without having people in my ear "warning" me about my sometimes raw and uncut opinions and comments. With a book I was able to say what the hell I wanted and gave zero "you know what's" about what was deemed to be "politically incorrect". I have such a passion for the plus community and along with my passion comes opinions and experiences and I just wanted to share them with anyone willing to read my story with the hope that they begin to truly love the skin they are in.


Do you experience any difficulty being a Beautie Brownie in the Plus Size industry? Also, if you have any particular experiences, could you share them with us?
At this point in the game the only difficulty I experience in the Plus Size industry is usually created by my own self. I no longer allow the thoughts and opinions of others to dictate my next move. I move to the beat of my own drum. I've been blessed to have a faithful few who are willing to dance with me even if we are dancing alone. And I'm ok with that. Respect in this industry was never handed to me. I've had some of the biggest names in this industry try to rip me to shreds but I stood my ground and they had no choice but to respect it. While this is a very tight community it can also be very competitive and catty. I've been blessed to find my lane and therefore I stay in it. And every once in a while when I'm feeling rebellious I'll stretch my little toe over into another lane. And I have a few genuine people who don't mind checking me either. Which is great. We need those people in our lives. long as I'm a rebel WITH a cause...right? lol

What motivates YOU to keep motivating others struggling to become successful in the plus size industry?
What motivates me to keep motivating others is the simple thought of where I come from. (in and outside this industry) And once some people become "successful" they forget that they weren't always "top dog". Even though I've been in this industry for five years I feel like I'm just getting started. So I am always open to learning new things. But the constant reminder of me having to start from somewhere five years ago is what keeps me going and wanting to help others. I just feel like together we can make a bigger impact so why not motivate somewhat else? I was once there. Hell..I may still be there on certain days. But this is a passion and I've been told that when you can't go one day without thinking about something you need to follow your heart and stick with it. And that's exactly what I'm doing.

What great things can we expect from Elite Plus, Inc. in the coming future?
Right now Elite Plus is planning our agenda for 2015 with a heavy focus on recruitment and redeveloping our youth division. As for me I have been blessed to have the opportunity to host a new talk show called Flaws N' All which will debut on a new network "Influence TV Nation" in Feb. 2015. We begin shooting in NJ in Jan with a live audience and lots of special guest so I'm pretty excited about that.

For more info please follow Trojah on all social media @myFATisNOTaFlaw



What's the first song you listen to in the morning that gets you pumped up and ready to face the day? (Top 3 songs)
1. Go Get It By Mary Mary
2. Turn My Swag On by Soulja Boy
3. Diva by Beyoncé
Judge me not! hahaha


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