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jeannie ferguson BB Spotlight

Profession: Product Manager/ Fit Model1. Not only are you a Beautie Brownie, but you are a plus sized model! Where did you get your start and what inspired your journey? 2. Do you experience any difficulty being a Beautie Brownie in the Plus Size modeling industry? Also, if you have any particular experiences, could you share them with us?Bedstuy, BrooklynI started modeling by accident. My sister was showing BGU at the circle of sisters and I filled in for a model that didn't show. I walked out and got a standing ovation and from that moment I said I can get used to this.I have experienced some difficulty when I 1st started modeling. There was a designer who flat out said your too dark and big. I am looking for a video vixen type with fair skin. My skin wasn't tough enough then, but I did recover from that by refusing to walk for the designer when the "light bright" became difficult to work with.

3. What  has motivated  you to keep going despite those difficulties?Harlow_Hi-Res-6-copy
I always felt like nothing and no one can tell me what I can and cannot do. Being 5'3 in the Plus Industry is unheard of. But, I wanted to show them my height means nothing, my action says it all.

4. What benefits have you experienced from persevering as a Beautie Brownie, despite all the stereotypes and negativity that exists in society?

I have done television shows, a commercial, multiple magazine publications, the cover of magazines. I am now working behind the scene as a coordinator for different productions. I thank god  and I thank him for giving me the strength to never give up.

5. If you could sum it all up in one sentence, what advice would you give other Beautie Brownies who are aspiring to become a model such as yourself?

Invest in your craft to perfect your craft!

6.  What's next for Jeannie Ferguson?

I am working on the new BGU Spring Collection with my sister, My runway class in NC and I'll be sitting on a few panels for different productions. Maybe some television ;-)!

Bonus Question:
What's the first song you listen to in the morning that gets you pumped up and ready to face the day?
  1. Nas ft. Amy Winehouse Cherry Wine
  2. Usher Good Kisser
  3. Jay Z Politics as Usual.

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