Beautie Brownie Spotlight: Egypt "Ify" Ufele

Egypt "Ify" Ufele


Tell our Beauté Brownies about yourself! What do you do and what inspired to do it?
Hello I am Egypt Ify Ufele, a 10 year old inclusive fashion designer from Queens, NY. I live with my mom Dr. Reba Renee Perry-Ufele & senior sister Misperri Fashions Sade Perry. My designs are for children, straight & curvy woman and men. I am a Fashion Designer/anti-bully activist. I was bullied for being a plus size kid so I started sewing to release the stress.

Do you experience any difficulty being a plus sized Beauté Brownie in the fashion industry? Also, if you have any particular experiences, could you share them with us?

I started designing because I use to model & they never had designs for plus size kids. So I always had to wear junior clothes which was always more revealing. I was in a Fashion Show in NJ & there was nothing to fit me. From that point on I decided nobody should ever be left out as a model.

What has motivated you to keep going?
God has kept me motivated & my God fearing mom has always kept me grounded. When I see all the kids suffering from Bullying I know my mission has to continue.

What benefits have you experienced from persevering in following your dreams, despite all the stereotypes and negativity that exists in society? 
My life is in a different direction now. I am a CEO of two companies Chubiiline/Bullychasers. My designs are in 4 stores & online.

If you could sum it all up in one sentence, what advice would you give other Beauté Brownies who are aspiring to become a designer such as yourself?
Nobody can stop what God is destined for you to have. Making history in the NYFW has proven that anything you put your mind to can be done even at 10 years old.

In one sentence, tell us why you're a Beauté Brownie!

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