Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation by Makeup For Ever for Beauté Brownies!

The Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation by Makeup For Ever is one of the best foundations we've ever tried. We received a box of 3 beautiful shades, along with 4 Skin Equalizers, Mattifying Primer, Smoothing Primer, Hydrating Primer and Nourishing Primer.

Let's start with the amazingness (yes, we know that's not a real word) of the foundation. It literally feels like skin. That sounds weird, but that's the best way we could describe the texture. It goes on so light you can barely feel it going on. Also, you don't need much at all to get full coverage. We simply pump 3 small dollops on our foundation brushes, apply all over, and the coverage is perfect. For once, we didn't need concealer. We really appreciate that it comes in so many shades, especially in the brown department! And to top it off, it lasts all day.

The Skin Equalizers...... *SWOON* They just bring the beauty of the foundation to a whole new level. Like Robin to Batman, like Harley Quinn to Joker, like.... well you get the point. Each of them are amazing in their own way. Our personal favorite is the Mattifying Primer. Because we both have naturally oily skin, this primer is perfect for us. It also seems make the foundation last twice as long and also to help the foundation stay put (a-k-a less dirt looking stains on the collars of our white shirts). The other primers, just like the mattifying one we mentioned, do exactly what they say. The Smoothing Primer fills in imperfections and smooths the skin, so that once the foundation is applied, you get a beautiful satin finish. The Hydrating Primer is so refreshing. If you have dry skin, this will be perfect for you because it gives you just the right amount of moisture, so your skin will jump for joy (not literally we hope)! Lastly, we have the Nourishing Primer. It contains nutrients and anti-oxidants that feeds and revitalizes the skin, so it's also perfect for those with dry and dehydrated skin.

All in all, we HIGHLY recommend this foundation and the skin equalizers as a MUST HAVE. Also, thanks to Make Up For Ever for the gift, we are thoroughly enjoying it!!!

Check out some pics of Gabby, one of our Co Founders, below! Pictured is the Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation, in the R540 Dark Brown color (the darkest they have), paired with our favorite Mattifying Primer.


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